Absent due to illness

What is the law about school attendance?
    Each person aged 6-18 who is not exempt from the law shall attend school each day on time.
How do I report my child's absence?
    It is the parent's responsibility to inform the school when the child is absent. Please call the attendance office at 626-943-6717 to report the absence. Student should bring a parent note or doctor's note giving the date(s) and reason for the absent.
When is my child too sick to come to school?
    A student should stay home from school when the student has a fever of 100F or above, diarrrhea/vomiting, and severe flu symptoms. 
    A student may return to school after 24 hours without a fever. The use of medication to reduce fever is not considered fever free.
When do I need a doctor's note ?
    Parents need to provide a doctor's note stating a student is okay to return to school and list any restrictions on activities when:
    The student has been absent for five (5) days or more due to an illness/injury.
    The student has been hospitalized or treated by a doctor.
    The student has a cast, splint or crutches,
    The student has been absent for more than ten 10 days in the school year.
What are excessive excused absences?
    Student absent for more than ten (10) days ( total of current school year )  for illness/injury must have all absences verified by a health care professional beginning with the 11th absence.