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Free Online Scholarship Search Sites

FastWeb! (Scholarship Search Engine):  ( Provides free scholarship information and search for off campus scholarships. (Scholarship Search Engine): ( Has information on scholarships available. (Scholarship Search Engine):  ( Now matching students to thousands of scholarships. (Scholarship Search Engine):

A free scholarship matching service.

Nelnet Scholarships (Scholarship Search Engine):   ( has $1 million in scholarships at your fingertips.

The Federal Trade Commission website:   (http://www.ftc.govhas information on scholarship scams and how to avoid them.

The Financial Aid Information Page:  (http://www.finaid.orgHas information on grants and scholarships.  ( has everything you need from scholarship information to how to get a passport.

The California Colleges website:  (   Has information on scholarships and colleges across California.

The College Board website:  (  Has tips on ways to pay for college.                       

College Net (Scholarship Search Engine):  ( Has a powerful search engine and information on scholarships.

The California Student Aid Commission: ( 

The Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education:  (http://www.ed.gove/offices/OPE)   

The Cal State L.A. Center for Student Financial Aid web site:  (   Has information regarding on-campus scholarships

Scholarship information,