Accountability. Integrity. Respect.  


At Mark Keppel High School, we hold all students, parents, teachers, staff, and the entire school community to demonstrate the values of Accountability, Integrity, and Respect (MKAIR).   


Accountability:  We are accountable for our words, actions and decisions

Integrity:  We demonstrate academic and personal integrity

Respect:  We respect ourselves and community


We believe that all learning happens in the context of connected relationships. We also believe that these relationships are cultivated in safe, consistent, and predictable spaces. Therefore, we are committed to creating and implementing actionable ways to create such spaces where we can all live and act in alignment with our values of Accountability, Integrity, and Respect.

Take a moment to review our PBIS matrix below and see how everyone can demonstrate Accountability, Integrity, and Respect (MKAIR) at Mark Keppel High School.   
MKAIR is Everywhere!