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A student-athlete must have a 2.0 and be passing 4 classes to compete in any sports
Eligibility is determined by a student-athletes past two report cards. Add/Drop dates are 16 days after the grading period has ended. Here are the grading periods that determine seasonal eligibility:
Fall Sports
Grades from previous year: Quarter 4, Semester 2 and Summer School before the season begins the last week of August.  
For playoffs- Quarter 1 grades...Add/Drop date may affect playoff eligibility.
Winter Sports 
Grades from Semester 2, Summer School and 1st Quarter before the season begins the 3rd week of November. 
For playoffs- Semester 1 grades...Add/Drop date may have affect playoff eligibility.
Spring Sports
Grades from Quarter 2 and Semester 1 before the season begins the 2nd week of February. 
For playoffs- Quarter 3 Add/Drop date may have affect playoff eligibility at the end of the season. 

updated 6/13/18