Almont League Constitution and Bylaws

Almont League Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship
One of the primary objectives of the league is to promote the positive values obtained through interscholastic competition. The accomplishing of this goal requires that the spirit, as well as the letter of the CIF rules, be observed. Almont League requires active support from many groups. The league expects the following practices to be observed to promote good sportsmanship and have athletic contests free from disruption and negativity. 
Students and Spectators    
1. Only positive cheering will be allowed. No derogatory or degrading cheers will be tolerated. 
2. The following practices are not allowed by any school or their supporters: 
a. Painting of faces. 
b. Finger-pointing or taunting. 
c. Use of artificial noisemakers. 
d. Megaphones in the gymnasium. 
e. Profanity or vulgarity. 
3. Only groups connected with the game are allowed on the field or floor. 
    (Pepsters, band, drill team, and Mark Keppel Administration)
    No pep tunnels are allowed in the athletic contest using other than uniformed school personnel. 
4. Bands may play at away football games. They may participate in pre-game and halftime activities. Only the home team may have a pep band at basketball games. Pep bands at basketball games will play exclusively at timeouts, halftime, and between games. 
5. Any posters or banners to be put up inside must be approved by the homeschool administrator. 
6. Spectators must at all times remain off the field of play and at a sufficient distance from the sidelines so as not to interfere with the play of the game. For continued infractions of this rule,
or for improper conduct of a sufficient number of spectators such as to make fair play impossible, the officials may penalize the offending team and award the game to the opponents with the usual default score.
update: 5/29/24