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Counseling Staff

Welcome to the Mark Keppel High School Counseling Department
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
Tel: (626) 943-6730
Fax: (626) 572-2322
If you have a question or concern about your schedule, please go to the counselor contact form!
School Counseling Administrator
Ms. Jessica Castillo, Assistant Principal - School Counseling
Ms. Wendy Duanes, A- Gao, Zhao-Zu, and Incoming 9th PODER

Ms. Tracy Tang, Gap - Huw
Ms. HaLinh Matsuo, Huy-Mai, and Incoming 10th PODER
Ms. Irma Preciado, Maj - To, H
Ms. Elizabeth Sesztak, Counselor, To,I - Zhang, and Incoming 11th PODER

Mr. Peter Wang - Gateway Counselor 
Ms. Elizabeth An - College & Career Counselor
Ms. Natalie Ryan - USC College Adviser
Ms. Maritsa Negrete - USC College Adviser
School Counseling Support Staff
Ms. Consuelo Arechiga - Office Manager
Ms. Mimi Shum - Secretary
Ms. Melissa Lopez - Registrar
Ms. Lupe Gloria - Guidance Technician
Ms. Susana Alvarez Perez - Guidance Technician
Ms. Marianna Street - Data Technician