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MKHS believes in providing the 3 O's: Overall student well-being, Opportunity, Options            

News and Announcements

Drill Team and Color Guard Try outs

Drill Team tryouts for all students will begin on April 16th-April 20th from 3:30-4:30 at Palm Court. Color Guard tryouts for incoming 9th graders will be from April 30th- May 4th. Current students from grades 9th-11th will have tryouts from May 7th-- May 14th.
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Cheer Try outs are coming!

Cheer try outs for current 9th-11th graders will be May 1st - May 4th in the old gym from 3pm - 4pm and for incoming 9th graders, June 19th - 21st at the outdoor basketball courts from 3pm - 4pm. Appllicants must have a physical clearance to try out and a 2.0 GPA to participate.
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Walkout update

At 10am, some of our students respectfully and peacefully congregated in Palm Court while exercising their First Amendment rights. Our ASB did a tremendous job of giving a valuable presentation to the students. After the presentation, our students returned to class quietly and peacefully. I am very proud of the way our students conducted themselves. Thank you to our parents, guardians, and community for raising such wonderful kids. It is our privilege to have them here at Mark Keppel High School.
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Dance and All Male Try outs are coming!

Dance and All Male Try-outs for students 8th-11th grade begin April 9th and will be held in the Dance Studio. Dance workshops to prepare for try-outs will be held April 10th - April 12th from 3pm-6pm. Final Auditions will be April 13th.
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A Message From Mr. Scanlan-Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End

Good evening Aztec family,

This evening, the Board voted to select me as the next Assistant Superintendent of Student/Employee Welfare for the upcoming 18-19 school year. With this exciting opportunity comes the sadness of knowing that I will be leaving Mark Keppel High School.

I cannot thank the Keppel community enough for all of your kindness and support during my time here. Our students are truly the greatest both out of the classroom and in it. Mark Keppel is a truly special place and I have been very lucky to be a part of it for the past 3 years.

That being said, you're still stuck with me for the rest of the school year, so it's not goodbye just yet. The district will soon begin the process of selecting a new principal. Whoever that lucky individual is will have the good fortune of becoming a part of this tremendous community. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything.

John Scanlan

Principal, Mark Keppel High School
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A statement from Principal John Scanlan regarding potential walkouts this coming Wednesday, March 14th

As you may be aware, there is a national school walkout planned for this coming Wednesday, 3/14. It is our position that we want our students to remain in class and that the campus is the safest place for our students to be. However, should students choose to exercise their First Amendment rights, we will direct them to Palm Court, where we will have some of our student leaders speaking from 10 to 10:17am. The best way to demand change that will ensure safe and peaceful schools is to stay safe and peaceful during this walkout. If you have any questions, please see me or any other administrator, teacher or staff member. Thank you!
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Yearbook Advertisements for Parents

Parents, celebrate your child’s achievement of graduating by purchasing a yearbook advertisement. Yearbook club is offering substantial discounts for advertisements – only this week! Visit and customize a special advertisement to recognize your soon-to-be graduate!
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Google Classroom

The issues with Google Classrooms and other various online functions appear to be fixed. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us. Thank you.
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Google Classroom issues


Good evening,

We have been made aware of an issue students are having connecting to Google Classrooms and other various online functions.

District technology has been notified. Additionally, teachers are being notified that there has been an issue and will adjust finals accordingly, if need be based on the impact of each individual class.

We hope the issue is resolved quickly, however, there is currently no timetable.

Mr. Scanlan
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ELAC #3 date change.

Apologies for the last minute change. The January 23, 2018 meeting has been moved to January 29, 2018 @ 6:30pm
Location has been changed from Cafeteria to ​Aztec conference room.
For more information, contact
Office of Instruction – Jocelyn Castro
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Student Internships and Enrichment Programs

Attention All Students:
Want to make your student resume more competitive for college and job applications? Want to add spice to your life? Join NHS and PTSA on Thursday, January 18 from 6:30-9pm in the cafeteria to learn about internships, summer college programs, and other student enrichment opportunities for high school students. Parents and Students are welcome to attend this free event. This important program will begin after the AP/Honors Fair. Dinner foods will be offered for sale.
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As you know, Finals are this week. Notice we didn't say "Final exams". There's a reason for that...

Teachers have the freedom to use finals time as they see fit to meet the needs of students. It may be a final project, presentation, lesson, does not necessarily have to be an exam. The expectation of teachers is what it always is, which is the time is to be used effectively.

Education has evolved and given an emphasis on using a variety of forms of assessment, the notion that a final has to be an exam is outdated. Also, with consistent checking for understanding, the need for high stakes tests aren't as necessary as they may have been in the past. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding over 90 days each semester.

One counter to this is that it doesn't prepare students for college. However, more college courses are moving away from heavily weighted final exams. Additionally, colleges don't have the consistent checking for understanding methods that high school employs.

We have also found that high stakes exams can have an impact on our students due to the heightened anxiety they bring.

Finally (no pun intended), with the freedom teachers have, they also still have the freedom to give a final exam. The decision is ultimately up to the individual teacher.

So whatever form your final takes, do your best, good luck and's all done next Tuesday!
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Free SAT preparation

^^ Click Above ^^
​Alhambra Unified School District is teaming up with a company called Revolution K12 to offer free SAT preparation courses at Mark Keppel High. These courses will help prepare you for the upcoming March 10, 2018 SAT Test. Here is the registration link to sign up for the 6-week, 9-session course. Space is limited, so sign up now. Below is your registration form. Complete the form before January 9, 2018 to reserve your spot.
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