PEWelcome to Ms. Finke's
Physical Education class!
Program Goals
  • Provide students with the necessary psychomotor, cognitive and affective skills for recreational and lifelong physical activities.
  • Encourage students to participate regularly in physical activities and stress the importance of personal fitness and the impact it has on lifelong health and wellness.
  • Aid students in developing and achieving lifelong fitness and health goals.
  • Promote cooperation, communication, teamwork and other interpersonal skills necessary to achieve common goals.
  • Help students build confidence, courage, independence, self-control and leadership skills.
This Year I'm Teaching:
Period 1 - PE1/2
Period 2 - PE3-8
Period 3 - PE1/2
Period 4 - PE3-8
Period 5 - Tennis Theory
Period 6 - PE1/2 & PE3-8