Aztec News

The Aztec Newspaper, also known as the Aztec News is the official student-run publication of
Mark Keppel High School. Overseen by Journalism teacher and advisor Janice Luckey since
2019 and championed by a rotating editorial staff of Journalism 3-8 students, the once physical
newspaper has since moved permanently online since the pandemic. The Aztec News, like
every other newspaper, hinges on the principle of journalistic integrity and the pursuit of truth, no
matter how ugly it may get. The Aztec News has aimed and will always aim to bring the students
and staff at Mark Keppel High School the truth of not only what is happening in the world but
especially what is happening at Keppel. The Aztec News features the truth, the life, and the joy
of Keppel through stories, photographs, podcasts, and more. From News and Opinion, to
Features and Sports, the Aztec aims to be there to capture it all, so that no one else has to. And
now, it can all be found on their online website,, and their Instagram @The
Aztec News. The Aztec couldn't be operational without its advisor, its writers who are majorly
Journalism 1-2 students but also those in the club, and it's various editorial staff, including the
current one, filled majorly with seniors who have dedicated 2 years of their time, their sleep,
and life to the Aztec and to Keppel, even when it hasn't always been easy or recognized. The
Aztec welcomes anyone who would like to, to check out their work at, yet again,