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To order transcripts, click on Students, then Transcript Request and you will be taken to the online order site.

FAQs:   I graduated many years ago...Do you still have my transcripts? Yes, we have high school records back to 1939.
Can I just call and give all my information to request a transcript? No. All requests must be made online.
I need proof of graduation. Do I need a transcript or a copy of my diploma? Your transcript will clearly show the graduation date as well as enrollment date, grades and credits earned, etc.  Your diploma simply indicates that you have graduated high school. Most places requiring proof of high school graduation will accept a transcript.
What if I want a copy of my diploma? Provide the same information as if you were requesting a transcript; simply indicate that you want a copy of your diploma. Also, diplomas currently cost $33.00 and can take 6 to 8 weeks.
Can I request transcripts for my husband, wife, aunt, friend, etc...? No. Anyone over the age of 18 must request their records themselves.
My son/daughter is away at college may I request records for them? Once a graduate has turned 18 years of age OR is in a post-secondary setting, the parent may NOT request records of any kind.