AP Lit and AP Lang

One of the main sources of concern for our 11th grade students has been their inability to add AP Lit or AP Lang. We understand the disappointment of not getting the AP class you want, but there are only so many slots available. As students drop the class, we add students from our waiting list, but the odds are most of the students on the waiting list will not get into it. At this point, we will not be adding an additional class.

So what can you do if you don’t get the class?

  1. You can still take the AP test, even though you did not take the class.
  2. Students always have the option of signing up for an English class at a community college if they feel they are not being challenged enough in Amer Lit.  Of course, students will need to take a placement exam at the community college to determine which level they should go into.  Benefits of taking a college course:

1) Extra point in g.p.a. calculation for college apps if tested at a high level

2) Receiving college credits for the English course(only if course is uc/csu transferrable) so can move to the next level of English when they enter college

3) Shows initiative in wanting to learn more

  1. Our least desirable option: You can explore other options within the district (i.e. other schools) that have openings in AP Lit or AP Lang and be allowed to go to that school on a permit.

We really wish we had enough staff available to offer additional sections, but that is not an option at this point. Our teachers’ schedules are maxed out and adding an additional AP class to teach to their current schedule is not only unfair to them, but also to the students in their other classes currently on their schedule.

Taking an AP class is very difficult. Teaching an AP class is extremely difficult. Teaching multiple AP classes is exponentially more difficult. An additional AP class in addition to their already full schedule means time teachers have to take away from their families and other professional obligations.

Thank you for your patience as we try to accommodate as many students as possible.

Mr. Scanlan