"Why didn't I get the class(es) that I wanted?"


"Why didn't I get the class(es) that I wanted?"

That's the most popular question we get this time of year...

As we speak, our counselors are working with many students and requests to try and make their schedules as close to what they want as possible. They may not have worked on your request yet, but they are working as fast as possible to reply to it. Students coming in without appointments and sending multiple emails asking the same thing can eat into the time a counselor spends trying to answer questions and concerns about your schedule.

When a student registers, we remind them that they are making requests. We would love to give students every class they want, but our first focus is giving you the classes you need in terms of your graduation and A-G requirements. From there, we can work to fit requests into your schedule as time allows.

Despite rumors, there is not a computer glitch that didn't allow students to get what their requests. Students getting classes other than what they requested predates any computer system. We primarily use student needs and requests to dictate what classes we offer. However, we also have to look at factors such as having enough teachers willing and able to teach that class and room to fit it into a schedule. We'd love to be able to offer classes even though only a small number of students want it or don't get into it, but that is not logistically possible.

That being said, student schedules at this time of year are a very fluid situation and counselors are doing everything they can to make your schedule as ideal as possible. We appreciate your patience and will continue to do everything possible to strike that balance between what you need and what you want. Thank you.

Mr. Scanlan