Advanced Placement Test Updates

If you missed the Back to School Night presentation, here is the information.
  • 9/20 : Fee waivers due to the office of instruction (click here for form)
  • 10/4: Deadline to commit to taking AP tests on College Board website.
  • 10/15: Class trips to the student bank begin.
  • 10/31 Deadline to pay for AP tests $94 per test (AP Seminar $142)
****** Any test changes after 11/15 will result in a $40 penalty fee*****
Decide to take a test after 11/15 = $94 + $40 late fee
Decide to cancel a test after 11/15 = $94 + $40 cancellation fee
This is a NEW process; therefore, all dates are subject to change.
Questions: Contact Danielle Acuna ( @A136