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Jose Acosta 1997 Denver Colorado U.S
Paul Alexander 1955 Las Vegas Nevada
Raynaldo Alvarez 1965 Gresham Oregon USA
Craig Barker 1950 Boulder Creek CA USA
Randy Barnett same 1965 Canada
Arlene Baughman Arnett 1966 Vancouver Washington USA
Christine Berardo Wiederanders 1960 Studio City CA USA
Kevin Berghoefer 1982 Upland CA USA
Phyllis Besser Miller 1943 Temple City Ca
Sally Brady Rinker 1959 Placentia CA United States
Sally Brady Rinker 1959 Placentia CA USA
Heidy Brizuela 1991
C Cain 1960
William Campos 1981 Fountain Colorado USA
Jeanie Chapman Hollinger 1955 Fort Mohave AZ USA
Allison Corey Nagata 1985 Santa Clarita California
Marko Cortez 2000 Los Angeles CA Los Angeles
Barbara Cutler Boland 1959 USA
carrie dam 2006
Richard (Dick) Degn 1952 Chatsworth California USA
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