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MKHS believes in providing the 3 O's: Overall student well-being, Opportunity, Options            
MKHS seniors show Aztec Pride during the outdoor rally.
MKHS athlete ready to bat
MKHS cheerleaders bringing in the Aztec school spirit.

Our Mission

The mission of Mark Keppel High School is to ensure the educational success of all students by having a comprehensive educational program where students can learn and become productive members of a diverse society.
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Google Classroom issues

A message from MARK KEPPEL HIGH SCHOOL Good evening, We have been made aware of an issue students are having connecting to Google Classrooms and other various online functions. District technology has been notified. Additionally, teachers are being notified that there has been an issue and will adjust finals accordingly, if need be based on the impact of each individual class. We hope the issue is resolved quickly, however, there is currently no timetable. Mr. Scanlan


As you know, Finals are this week. Notice we didn't say "Final exams". There's a reason for that... Teachers have the freedom to use finals time as they see fit to meet the needs of students. It may be a final project, presentation, lesson, does not necessarily have to be an exam. The expectation of teachers is what it always is, which is the time is to be used effectively. Education has evolved and given an emphasis on using a variety of forms of assessment, the notion that a final has to be an exam is outdated. Also, with consistent checking for understanding, the need for high stakes tests aren't as necessary as they may have been in the past. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding over 90 days each semester. One counter to this is that it doesn't prepare students for college. However, more college courses are moving away from heavily weighted final exams. Additionally, colleges don't have the consistent checking for understanding methods that high school employs. We have also found that high stakes exams can have an impact on our students due to the heightened anxiety they bring. Finally (no pun intended), with the freedom teachers have, they also still have the freedom to give a final exam. The decision is ultimately up to the individual teacher. So whatever form your final takes, do your best, good luck and's all done next Tuesday!
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Spark of Love Toy Drive

GATEWAY TO SUCCESS IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ALHAMBRA FIRE DEPARTMENT, YMCA OF WEST SAN GABRIEL, AND ALHAMBRA POLICE DEPARTMENT ARE HOSTING THE ANNUAL SPARK OF LOVE TOY DRIVE AND NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Unwrapped gifts can be dropped off at any of the donation bins located at all Alhambra Unified School sites, Alhambra Fire Department, YMCA of West San Gabriel Valley, and Alhambra Police Department. At MKHS, donations can be dropped off in the Spark of Love box in the School Counseling office. Thank you!

New pick-up/drop-off procedures postponed

Good evening Aztec families. This is Principal Scanlan with an important message. The new drop off and pick up procedures that were to go into effect beginning tomorrow are now on hold. Later tonight, as part of our weekly communication, you will receive a pre-recorded message reminding you that the procedures will be going into place. However, the procedures are now on hold. We apologize for any confusion.

Halloween Costumes

As a reminder, Halloween costumes worn at school still need to comply with school dress code. If found to be in violation, students will be required to change into clothes provided by the school. If you plan to wear a costume to school on Halloween, please make sure it complies with school dress code.
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