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Committees and Duties

Community Support and Public Relations:

1.Telephone tree; ways to promote the positive episodes from MKHS and Alliance; membership newsletter; phone list for entire Alliance
2.Outreach feeder schools to MKHS

Government Relations:

1.Update Alliance on legislation, pending and new; update on Alhambra Unified School District Board proceedings affecting high schools; contact with government agencies, politicians, other individuals, businesses, and outside agencies
2.Community contact


1.Annual Dinner (and dance) - place, date, cost, menu, prizes, print tickets and other material, decorations, setup, speakers, program, cleanup, advertise Newsletter, membership, add to phone and contact list after annual dinner
2.Other means and ways for fundraising.


1.Alumni contact; publisher contact of alumni book; newsletter for alumni; invite alumni to annual dinner dance
2.Help coordinate alumni association and activities - ways for involvement in MKHS

Focus on Learning/Curriculum:

1.Know and update standards and guidelines affecting MKHS students; evaluate MKHS textbooks and materials with the curriculum; report findings on the "best" material to help educate MKHS students; know current educational concerns
2.Contact teachers and administration.


1.Library donation; replace auditorium seats (pending cost analysis and approval)
2.Dinner (and dance) fund-raiser

Fund Requests:

1.Exclude sports except on need due to lack of funding; clubs or organizations created to support MKHS or show the academic excellence of MKHS
2.Activities to promote the academic excellence at MKHS