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Wish List

Mark Keppel High School Wish List

The Mark Keppel Alliance is a 501 (c) (3) IRS non-profit group who can give you a letter acknowledging your tax deductible donation to our high school. Should you have any of the items in the list below that you no longer need, please donate them to the teachers if the items are in good/used to new condition. Donations are tax deductible. Please show this list to your relatives & friends so that we may have a better chance of fulfilling the requests. If you have items not in the list, but think the teachers or school might be able to use, contact us. Thanks.

Business Dept:
Flash drives, any size

English Dept:
Vsual presenter for opaque projections AKA document camera
Teacher desk chair
Electric pencil sharpeners
Plain white mailing envelopes
24 AA batteries
Laser printer
Copier paper
Power strip
Dry erase markers
Three-hole punch
CD player
Digital cameras
File folders – letter size
Locking file cabinet
VCR/DVD player
Colored paper
Glue sticks
Construction paper
Modeling clay
College rule lined paper
Foreign Language Dept:
File folders for 8.5”x11’ papers
Computer speakers
Flash drive
Poster paper
Electric pencil sharpener
White board markers

Math Dept:
AAA batteries for calculators
Scantron machine
Scantron forms
Graph paper
Overhead transparency pens
Document camera
Wet erase markers
Coke Rewards codes

Colored construction paper
Violin shoulder rests - 6
Sets of guitar strings
Help w/ transferring video camera film to DVD & editing on the computer
Dry erase markers
White board spray cleaner
Colored printer paper

Physical Ed Dept:
VCR / DVD player

Science Dept:
Alka-Seltzer for chem labs - expired OK
White vinegar for chemistry labs
Computer speakers
Video Projector
Liquid hand soap for chemistry labs
Social Science:
Vsual presenter for opaque projections AKA document camera
Electronic translator/dictionary - Chinese, Vietnamese, or Spanish

Special Ed:
White board markers
Overhead markers – vis-à-vis
Computer chairs

Academic Decathlon:
CD player

Laser printer
Rubber bands
Masking tape
Scotch tape
Push pins
Colored copy paper
Small laminator
Mini refrigerator

Football Concessions:
Dishwashing soap
Paper towels